Wedding Photography & Videography
5 Reasons To Hire The Same Company

Wedding Photography & Videography
5 Reasons To Hire The Same Company

It is not an unheard of concept in the wedding industry that Wedding Photographers & Videographers can sometimes butt heads.

  • “The photographer used up all of the Bride & Groom’s Session time.”
  • “The Videographer ruined my shot of the Bride walking down the aisle.”
  • “The Photographer kept using flash”
  • “The Videographer keeps interrupting my posing”

As we provide both photography and videography, we understand both sides. The solution is VERY simple and starts with realizing that the Bride & Groom’s happiness is the only thing that counts that day.

Both parties need to swallow their pride, compromise, and share the space between each other. With strong communication and the right attitude, TRUE PROFESSIONALS should be able to work together.

To avoid any unnecessary risks, maybe think of booking your Photography & Videography with the same company. Here are 5 reasons why…

1. Shared Motiviation & Accountability

A Photographer wants to get the best images possible from the wedding and the Videographer wants to capure the best shots from the wedding. Their reputations are on the line here.

By hiring the same company, you align priorities, and both teams are motivated to creat the best possible combined experience. This will lead to both teams being more willing to share time, communicate, coordinate and execute.

If you hire the same company for both Photography & Videography, this will make that company 100% accountable for the final result in Photographs & Film.

We found an example of a Videographer’s disgust towards a photographer. Keep in mind this group is made up of professional Photographers & Videographers. When you read the post, ask yourself, would the Videographer let this happen if the Photographer was part of their company?

Wedding Photography & Videography - Photographer Review

If that Videographer and Photographer we in the same company, they would have had a strong relationship, rather than expressing happiness in other’s failures. Also, we are pretty certain that they would have supported each other and ensured that everyone was in position during a major event during the wedding.

2. Communication, Positioning & Workflow

Duo Teams have experience working with each other. They can anticipate each others positioning and style. This will result in fewer ruined shots by obstruction.

Think of it this way. You wouldn’t bet on a hockey team to win the Stanley Cup if they do not play together regularly, or you would not hire a band for your wedding if this is the first time they are playing together. The harmony between both teams who work together all the time will result in a better product.

3. Shared Vision & Style

When you book a combined Wedding Photography & Videography package, it will ensure consistent style and quality. Also, you will have a shared vision between yourself, the photography team and the videography team. If you dislike a silly or cheesy pose, no problem, we are all on the same page.

4. Less Contracts & Admin

When booking your Wedding Photography & Videography package with the same company, you will save a lot of time and possible admin costs.
While we do not charge admin costs, we have heard of other companies charging for meetings.

By using one company for both Photography & Videography, you would receive 1 single contract for both services and have meetings / communication with both Photography & Videography leads.

Booking with different companies could result in potential double admin fees, forgetting who you spoke to last, etc.

5. Wedding Photography & Videography Package Discounts

Pricing probably is not your determining factor while shopping for your Wedding Photography & Videography, but it is nice to receive a discount when booking multiple services with one company. Most companies (including ours) have potential discounts when booking both services together.

To get a custom quote, please head on over to our CONTACT PAGE.

If you got to this point in the article, we would like to say thank you by giving you a promo code. Refer #5reasonswhy in the promo code section of our contact form and receive 5% off when booking our Bundled Photography & Videography package!

Thank you so much for reading and have a fantastic day!

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