Real Estate Videography


We find that a real estate agent’s main source of marketing is online. Whether that be on your website, the agency you work for website or 3rd party sites like Kijiji or Point2Homes.

Unfortunately, we have seen an abundance of flat & boring photos and videos of listings as of late. As a result, we imagine that someone using these photos & videos could lose potential clients to someone using UHD quality real estate photos & videos. Due to today’s market, the way you present your listing to potential clients will determine if a buyer will proceed. Understanding that first impressions of a listing will likely result in a click-through and a higher prospect buyer. 

We pride ourselves on marketing your listing photos & videos as sophisticated, efficient & professional. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help!

Real Estate Videography - Pulse Productions Inc.
Real Estate Videography - Pulse Productions Inc.


It does not matter to us if your listing is a house, apartment, commercial complex, or anything in between. You are on a journey to sell that property! Let us be the storyteller. 

We will deliver visually enticing photos & videos. 

Currently, we are only offering our Real Estate Photo & Video package to Alberta but will be expanding to BC & Saskatchewan in the very near future. 

For all of your real estate media needs, contact us today!