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If you are visiting our page, that means you are likely looking for a photographer or filmmaker for your wedding. Welcome to Pulse Productions! You’re in the right place and we’re so glad you have taken the time to check out what we have to offer. Here you will find out what Pulse Productions is all about.



Pulse Productions is a team of creative & dedicated photographers & filmmakers who took a chance to turn our love for pixel-perfect photographs as well as our passion for creative + unique films into an amazing career. We love capturing all of life’s special moments and turning them into visual & motion timestamps, creating a lifetime of memories.

We’re fun-loving, adventure-seeking, pragmatic and above all else have an extreme passion for the work that we do. From day one we will work hand-in-hand alongside you to help create unforgettable photographs & films. At the end of your wedding, when the lights go out, and the day is done all you have left are those memories. We pride ourselves in the ability to capture all of those beautiful moments so you can relive the day over and over again each time at your photographs and films. We have the experience along with the knowledge and tools needed to breathe life and excitement into your photographs & films.

We also love to travel! We are proud Canadians! We have explored and worked in a lot of different and beautiful locations that this country has to offer. Our favorite place to be is Jasper. Jasper and Jasper National Park are beyond beautiful. It is a perfect backdrop for weddings.

We are unique, creative & innovative. We commit 100% of ourselves to our clients & their day. We believe that all of these reasons are what brought you here today. We would love to hear more about your day! 

We are Nick & Jen Taylor.

We are Pulse Productions.

It is a pleasure to finally meet you!

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